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Important QP Info – read carefully

If you are seeing the [email protected] email in the red block on QP home page, please do the following. We have changed across to the [email protected] email address. IF your app is already using the [email protected] email address, please ignore this post.

  • iPHONE users: they are apple users to simply do a reinstall of quickParent
  • HuaweiP40 users or above: use GSpace area to uninstall qp and reinstall it
  • ANDROID users: The following are 3 variant processes we have outlined for parents to reset local settings in order to re-align with the server again.
    • The 3 processes go from ‘gentle’ to ‘aggressive’:
    • Process 1:
      • go to settings
      • then apps and find qp
      • then go to storage
      • then tap clear cache
      • then tap clear data
        Then open qp and login in again. If that doesn’t work then.
    • Process 2:
      • do process 1
      • then uninstall qp and reinstall it
        Then login in to qp and see if sorted.
        If that doesn’t work then
    • Process 3:
      • do process 1 and 2
      • go to settings
      • find google play services under apps
      • go to storage and clear data
        Then login in to qp again. Process 3 is essentially a full ‘flush’ reinstall of qp, it is not normally necessary for this, process 2 (which includes process 1) is normally enough


Please note that all communication with staff should be via their school email addresses only.

Parents will be receiving correspondence on class whatsapp groups confirming the contact email addresses for all staff members. The information will also be posted on Quick Parent for easy reference.

Except in cases of emergency, where an immediate response is required, please refrain from contacting staff via whatsapp, particularly outside of school hours.