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School Reports

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Dive deep into your child's school progress, discover detailed information about their school reports, progress in each subject and test results.

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With School News sent directly to your phone and school reports and test data accessible as soon as your child's school publishes it, the quickParent app is an indispensable aid for all conscientious parents.
Has your child received a merit (or demerit) in class today, the QP app will show you.
Did you check all absences your child had from school in the last year, the QP app will show you.

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We've got a lot of amazing and cool features

Always informed

School news, updates and information sent straight to your phone.

Free to use

quickParent is free to download and use. Additional features are available for a small fee.

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Reports and Tasks information

See all termly and yearly reports, marks, and task details for your children.

Direct information

Receive information straight from the school, no waiting for reports to be sent home. No printing, no delays.

Got more children?

We have you covered too.
Switch between different children to see and compare their data.


We've got a lot of features, here are some more

News direct to You

With push notifications as standard, you are always informed of the latest school news.

School achievements

Be aware of all school awards your child receives.

All your children

quickParent allows for easy switching between your children, so you can keep up with all of them.

Notify the school

Moving home or changing phone number. quickParent allows you to update your contact information and inform the school.

Never an unseen report

School reports now always make it home, no opportunity for your child to 'forget' to give it to you.

Keep track of Absences

A complete list of each child's school absences in one place.

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Always free & an affordable Pro package


Free Forever
  • Latest School News
  • All school contact information
  • Update Parent contact details


includes basic
R 24.99 /year
  • Your child's reports, results, absences and more
  • Immediate notifications on information
  • Complete control over the data you receive

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